Astride is a horse simulation game with role-playing, competitive gameplay, adventure, and exploration. 

Main Features

Some of the main features of Astride include an open world, multiplayer with server hosting, single- and multiplayer competitions, breeding, and a story with quests.

Release Date

Astride will release as early access on Steam May, 31st, 2023. The full release of Astride where all features are in place will most likely be around the year 2026 to 2027.


Astride is available on Steam for Windows/Mac.

There are plans to port the game to other consoles, such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation in the future.


While Astride is up for early access, the price will be set to €25 Euros. When the game is fully released, the price will rise when the full game is ready. Estimated 2026-2027.


Astride will have a one-time purchase and use of DLCs. A DLC is downloadable content that will include new horse breeds, tack and equipment, areas, and possible quests. There will be no micro-transactions in Astride.