The planned features are features that will be worked on implementing into Astride. While they are planned, keep in mind that some changes can happen during development. The features are separated into their own categories to provide a better overview.


• Open-world, go anywhere
• Multiplayer (not MMO)
• Controller support
• Seasons and weather
• Night and day cycle
• Holiday and seasonal events
• World-wide release on Steam
• Customize key bindings
• Photo mode
• Toggle HUD on and off
• Fast travel (limited)


• Visit or invite friends and ride together
• Help your friends with stable work
• Sell and buy horses from other players
• Daily, weekly, and monthly high scores
• Host own servers


• Compete in single-player or multiplayer
• Ranking and seasons
• Best of country, continent, and world
• End-of-season rewards


• Dressage
• Show Jumping
• Cross Country
• Gaited Riding
• Western (DLC)
• Racing (DLC)
• Academic/Baroque (DLC)


• Loosening and tightening of reins
• Horse swimming in deep water
• Heavier for a horse to go through water
• Photo mode while riding
• Pet horse while riding
• Manual lead changes
• Falling off a horse
• Test ride before buying a horse
• Lunging work


• Detailed horse customization
• Personalities and traits
• Purchase and selling horses
• Physical horse market
• Horse AI system
• Possibility for injuries
• Bonding with player
• Change mane, tail, and forelock separately
• Change horse nickname
• Roaming in paddocks or when loose
• Skill tree and leveling


• Breed for colors, personality, and genetics
• Small chance for twins
• Mare pregnant belly
• Foal care and training
• Crossbreeding
• Horse life cycle
• Feed/care to lengthen horse life on a small scale
• Retirement fields


• Norwegian Warmblood Horse
• Norwegian Fjord Horse
• Icelandic Horse
• Norwegian Dole Horse
• Northlands Horse
• Knabstrupper
• Percheron
• Arabian
• Jutland
• Alter Real


• Character customization from house
• Slider from female to androgynous to male
• Character jump
• Third and first person perspective
• All clothes available for anyone
• Recall active horse with whistle
• Skill tree and leveling


• Horse caretaking minigames
• Mix feed for different horse needs
• Provide horses with hay and water
• Place horses in stalls, paddocks or turnouts
• Saddle and tack fitting


• Mucking with a wheelbarrow
• Stable upkeep and maintenance
• Tack room with inventory
• Choose outfits for horse and rider
• Customize your stable
• Hire stable hands